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Founded in 1982, CSN Research is a well established, local market research company that provides local understanding and expertise delivered at an international standard.




CSN specialises in Customised Research Solutions. We determine the specific needs of each customer and design the perfect project to maximise useful results and minimise cost. By matching the expertise of our different research teams and professional researchers with the needs of each project, we have the flexibility to meet any research requirements.


Data Collection

Our collection techniques include both qualitative and quantitative methods ie. PAPI,CAPI, CATI, CAWI, Mystery shopping, IDI,FGD, Ethnography & Accompanied Shopping. We use software to gather data for more simplicity, productivity, efficiency and conciseness.


Tabulation & Data Analysis

Our score tabulations and advance analysis are designed and diagnosed in a professional way to meet the research objectives.



Both clients and CSN collaborate closely to discuss and examine marketing data to come up with new goals, ideas, and marketing activities to carry out and to finally develop new marketing strategies for further success.



Recognized embodied strengths we religiously maintain in our working culture.We strive to develop a long term partnership with our clients to enable decision making excellence



CSN provides market research and business development solutions to a wide range of international and local clients. Since our researchers have backgrounds in many different fields, we have been able to satisfy a diverse group of clients from major industries in the country.


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6 February 2024

What People Think About Electric Cars: Survey Results

Introduction: We wanted to know what regular folks think about electric cars (EVs) nowadays. As of early 2024, we checked in with 154 people to see if they like or dislike EVs, and here's what we found. Survey Results: Out of the 154 people we asked in January 2024, opinions were split into three main groups. Around 44% of them liked the idea of buying and using EVs, another 44% didn't, and 12% were unsure. People who Like EVs: The group that liked EVs knew about the issues – like charging taking a long time, waiting at charging stations, complicated battery replacements, not many service centers, not-so-great car warranties, expensive insurance, and trouble selling EVs. Despite all that, they really liked the idea of saving money with EVs, especially when compared to regular gas cars. They thought saving money was the most important reason to buy an EV. People who Don't Like EVs: The folks who didn't like EVs thought they weren't good for long trips, complained about not enough charging stations, said batteries were too expensive, and didn't trust EVs made by Chinese brands. Right now, these people feel more comfortable with regular gas cars, mainly because of worries about charging convenience, battery costs, and brand preferences. People who are Unsure: The group that wasn't sure, about 12% of the total, said they needed more time to decide. They wanted to understand the technology better, see how things go for people who buy EVs first, and were worried about things like getting their car fixed and finding spare parts. They think it'll take them 3-5 years to make up their minds about buying an EV. Conclusion: So, what did we learn? More and more people are starting to like the idea of EVs, even though there are still some problems like not enough charging stations and expensive batteries. The group that's unsure might decide to buy EVs in the next 3-5 years if things like battery technology and long-distance travel get better. As technology improves, EVs could become a popular choice for everyone.


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