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CSN specialises in Customised Research Solutions. We determine the specific needs of each customer and design the perfect project to maximise useful results and minimise cost. By matching the expertise of our different research teams and professional researchers with the needs of each project, we have the flexibility to meet any research requirements.

 Data Collection

Our highly efficient and experienced fieldwork team enables us to conduct all types of studies including those with a high level of complexity or difficulty, on a nationwide basis.  Their mission is to ensure that the data collection is completed in a timely manner without sacrificing quality.

Our collection techniques include both qualitative and quantitative methods ie. PAPI,CAPI, CATI, CAWI, Mystery shopping, IDI,FGD, Ethnography & Accompanied Shopping.

 Survey Programming

We use software to gather data for more simplicity, productivity, efficiency and conciseness.

 Tabulation & Data Analysis

Our score tabulations and advance analysis are designed and diagnosed in a professional way to meet the research objectives.


Both clients and CSN collaborate closely to discuss and examine marketing data to come up with new goals, ideas, and marketing activities to carry out and to finally develop new marketing strategies for further success.

04 April 2024

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